Reading is Not All That Interesting for British Kids

by Kathy Jones on Sep 9 2012 9:17 PM

 Reading is Not All That Interesting for British Kids
Children are increasingly viewing reading as not so interesting an activity, says a new study in Britain. This is possibly due to their involvement with the internet and television, as about a fifth of them would be embarrassed on being seen with a book by friends.
According to the National Literacy Trust, reading is on "a decline" due to other pressures on children's time such as the internet, video games and television, Daily Mail reported.

Only 33.5 percent of the youngsters agreed that reading was "cool", with the figure falling to 14 percent among boys aged 14 to 16. Some 17 percent admitted they would be "embarrassed if my friends Children are reading fewer books, comics, magazines and even websites than seven years ago, prompting the charity to warn of a "worrying shift" in reading habits.

It said it was "essential" for children to have time to read because pupils reading outside their textbook lessons do better in exams.

The trust has called on parents and teachers to set aside at least 10 minutes a day for reading with children while demanding a national campaign to inspire children to read, the way the Olympics renewed interest in sport.