by Sheela Philomena on  February 7, 2011 at 12:13 PM Diet & Nutrition News
 Raw Milk Unsafe for Health
Australian food authorities are determined to rule out the sale of raw milk and raw-milk products. Raw milk and raw-milk products poses health risks in humans, say experts.

Though selling unpasteurized milk and cheese for human consumption is illegal, it is still available to buy under names like "bath milk" in certain health-food shops and markets.

According to the Sun Herald, and some raw-milk aficionados have exploited this apparent loophole, buying "bath milk" for drinking, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

But Primary Industries Minister Steve Whan said companies selling raw-milk products were putting lives at risk.

"There is sound scientific evidence pointing to the risks associated with consuming raw milk," he said.

Medical microbiologist Vitali Sintchenko, of Westmead Hospital, said there were sound reasons why selling raw milk was banned.

"There are potential pathogens and toxins present in raw milk that can be life-threatening," he said.

Following the ban, a man named Peter Melov of Bondi, was recently fined 53,000 dollars for selling raw milk and raw-milk products through a now-defunct organisation, Global Sov.

He was found guilty in Downing Centre Local Court of 43 breaches of the Food Act.

Source: ANI

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