Rare Disease Requires Girl to Eat Corn Flour Everyday

by Kathy Jones on Feb 25 2012 8:23 PM

 Rare Disease Requires Girl to Eat Corn Flour Everyday
A 12-year old girl in Essex, Britain, is afflicted with a rare disease that requires her to eat over 250 grams of corn flour every day in order to avoid slipping into coma.
Chrissie Augrandjean suffers from a rare metabolic disease known as glycogen storage disease that affects just one person in 3 million. The disease is caused due to defects in the processing of glycogen synthesis.

Chrissie was diagnosed with the condition when she was just three years old after doctors found that her liver had enlarged by more than 2 inches. She was fed through a nasal tube for three years before she was able to eat cornflour in order to produce a steady release of energy throughout the day.

Chrissie’s mother, Jacqui Augrandjean said that her daughter never complains about eating the tasteless food stuff in such large quantities. “Chrissie is amazing, she just gets on with it and never complains. She has even become a cornflour connoisseur and can tell which ones she likes and which ones make her feel ill. It's just amazing how much of it she has to have every day but it means that she can live quite a normal life”, she said.