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A website WalletHub released the rankings of 100 metro areas in the United States that could be described as the fattest.

The rankings were based on the percentage of overweight adults, percentage of adults with weight-related health problems, access to health food, and a separate WalletHub study that ranked cities based upon active lifestyle. Most of the 50 fattest metros are found in the south.
Ranking of ‘Fattest Metros’ In The US Revealed
Ranking of ‘Fattest Metros’ In The US Revealed

According to WalletHub, the fattest city in America is Memphis, Tennessee. Followed by Shreveport, Louisiana, then Indianapolis. Jackson, Mississippi, and New Orleans round out the top five.

Mobile is the fattest city in Alabama, which is ranked at number seven nationally. Huntsville is the second fattest, and 36th fattest nationally. Birmingham is number three in the state, and number 48 nationally.

Adults in Birmingham have the highest percentage of high cholesterol. It is also number three in cities with the highest percentage of adults with high blood pressure though Mobile is number one on that list.

The only two major cities in the US that are not in the top 50 of fattest cities are Durham and Raleigh, North Carolina.

The healthiest cities are in the Western United States, with Honolulu being the healthiest. Reno, Nevada, is number two and Boise, Idaho is number three. Boston is the fifth healthiest in America that wasn't in the West.

Source: Medindia

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