Rajasthan Declares Swine Flu Alert

by Hannah Joy on Jan 6 2018 11:28 AM

Rajasthan Declares Swine Flu Alert
Rajasthan government in India declared a red alert across the state, as more than 400 patients have reported being positive for swine flu in the last month.
According to health officials, 85 new cases have tested positive for swine flu in last three days. The dip in temperature has activated the Michigan virus which is affecting a large number of patients and has become a big cause of concern in the state.

Around 3,619 cases of swine flu were reported in 2017 out of which 279 lost their lives. Some 417 persons tested positive in the month of December alone.

The health department has sounded the alert to ensure that the flu is checked and deaths are prevented.

Health Minister Kalicharan Saraf said that swine flu, this year, has gone aggressive quite early.

He added that all chief medical and health officers and principal medical officers have been directed to follow the directions issued by the health department for preventing the spread of swine flu.