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 Raising a Girl Child More Expensive Than Bringing Up Boys
A new study has revealed that raising a daughter is way too expensive than bringing up a son.

Bringing up a girl child costs more than 28,000 pounds, that is 2000 pounds more than parenting a male child, the study shows.

The study, conducted by Ed Bowsher, Head of Consumer Finance at, reveals that an average parent will spend more than 2,126 pounds a year on their daughter's clothes, shoes, presents and activities and sports clubs. This totals to 28,439 pounds from the age of 5 to 18.

On comparison, bringing up baby boys will cost their parents just 1,999 a year or 26,630 pounds over the childhood, reports The Telegraph.

"Everyone knows that bringing up a child is expensive. But it's interesting to see that those with daughters will end up forking out more cash in the long-run," Bowsher said.

"I'm sure a lot of it is down to a girl's love of clothes and fashion, while the dance classes also add up to a lot over the years.

"Unfortunately, it seems there never is a 'good' time to start a family, especially if you end up with a family full of girls. Even once they reach their late teens, it doesn't get any better, with parents forking out for driving lessons and even helping towards their first car," he added.

While girls get 675.03 pounds towards their first car, boys get only 538.93 pounds.

Source: ANI

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