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Radio Pakistan Concerned About Drug-Addiction among Punjabi Youths
The Punjabi Durbar programme of Radio Pakistan broadcast a programme expressing concern about the spread of drug addiction among Punjabi youth.

A discerning observer points out that the concern expressed by Radio Pakistan is genuine, as there are a number of people in Pakistani Punjab who are addicted to drugs. Many of them are trying to smuggle drugs across the border.

The Punjabi Durbar programme would like people to believe that the drugs smuggled into India through across the border has spoilt the lives of youngsters of impressionable age in villages and cities of Punjab.

"Pakistan is continuously conspiring against India by smuggling drugs to make the youth in Punjab addicted to drugs and smack. Under its new plan, to attack the unity and integrity of India, Pakistan is targeting the Indian youth " said Sunil Kumar Jakhad, MLA.

"But Indians or the Punjabis, in particular, are not so weak that they will get caught," Jhakad added.

"America has accepted that Dawood Abrahim and Talibans are together producing opium and other opium-related drugs in Afghanistan and smuggling it into India," said Harmandar Singh, a local social activist.

He said it's true that there is need for the social welfare organisations to come forward to spread public awareness against drugs. The narcotic bureau of the Government is working hard to curb smuggling of drugs," Harmandar added.

The Radio Pakistan must ask the Pakistani rangers at the border why they are not able to prevent the smuggling of drugs. A huge haul of drugs continues to occur almost every day but the Pakistani rangers have never apprehended any one of them.

The drugs smuggled through Pakistan, it is feared, might affect a number youth in some areas of Punjab. The government as well as the local non-government organisations are keeping a vigil and making efforts to educate the people about harmful effects of drug addiction.

Source: ANI

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