by Julia Samuel on  January 13, 2015 at 3:09 PM Cancer News
Radiation-free, Non-contact Breast Tissue Screening Tool
A new product for radiation-free and non-contact breast tissue screening by TiaLinx, an Irvine, California firm, is released.

The AR60-A is a laptop size, portable, and non-contact screening system designed to detect abnormal tissues in female breasts.

The AR60-A device emits non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, focusing the beam using special wafer-thin panels and detecting the response using planar antennas.

The technology detects the different electrical properties of abnormal cells as compared to the healthy ones.

X-Rays accumulate radiation in the body but the 60GHz scanning technology does not emit ionizing radiation, making the AR60-A a quintessential technology for the medical field.

The technology takes advantage of the fact that different cell types have different electrical properties. The AR60-A spots abnormal cell clusters and highlights them on the screen against a blue background of normal cells.

TiaLinx plans to apply for FDA approval for the device, with the goal of submitting the application by the fourth quarter of 2015. Additionally, the product line will be spun-off into a separate new company called MamoMedix

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