Pubs Bring in Freshly Mown Grass to Mask Sweat and Stale Beer Odour

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 7 2007 3:39 PM

Don't be surprised when you find the stale whiff of alcohol and cigarette missing from the air in pubs, for bar managers have found a way to mask the unpleasant smell.

Mitchells and Butlers, that is in charge of 2,000 pubs, has decided to bring in freshly mown grass to beat the odour of beer, sweat and drains, that were earlier covered by cigarette fumes.

The measure has been taken to get over the distasteful odour that steals food appetite.

The aromas being tested include, ocean breezes, leather and tobacco smoke.

"Appetising food smells have increased but others are less attractive, such as stale food and beer, damp, sweat and body odour, drains and - how do you put this nicely - flatulence," the Daily Mail quoted Oliver Devine, senior marketing manager at the Sizzling Pub Company, a part of M and B. as saying.

"We are considering trialling the smell of leather, which suggests luxury and indulgence, and cut grass, which is clean and domestic. I am not ruling out the smell of tobacco smoke. It is not as silly as it sounds," he added.

Devine also said that the aroma 'would remind people of their pub experiences in the past'.

Rentokil-Initial, that provides Marriott hotels with bar perfumes, is contemplating using the smell of mojito - the Cuban concoction made of rum, mint and lime.

Marriott wants such aromas to fuel customers' appetites to ensure a 'brand' identity for the chain.