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 Psychologically Affected Kids Earn 30% Less Than Others As Adults
A new study has revealed that children who suffer psychological problems - such as trauma over their parents divorcing - earn up to 30 per cent less than others when they grow up.

It warned that psychological problems in childhood have a more severe long-term impact than physical conditions such as speech defects because they persist through life, reports the Daily Mail.

Children who had psychological problems typically grew up to earn 215,000 pounds less during their lifetimes than those who did not, it was found. This figure is for total 'family income', including the earnings of a spouse or partner, and is calculated after tax.

The research, by the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Rand Corporation, looked at 17,634 children born in Britain in the first week of March 1958.

They were tracked throughout their childhood, and their parents and doctors were quizzed about the emergence of any psychological problems.

James Smith, one of the authors of the study and a senior economist at the Rand Corporation, said: 'Childhood psychological problems can have significant negative impacts over the course of an individual's life.'

By the age of 50, an adult who had psychological problems as a child will typically earn 30 per cent less than one who didn't, according to the research.he financial impact of psychological problems is even more severe for children born more recently than 1958, according to the researchers.

They estimate that a 23-year-old who got his or her first job in 2008 will earn 388,000 pounds less than a person who had no psychological problems as a child.

Source: ANI

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