by Gopalan on  November 11, 2007 at 11:35 AM General Health News
Protein Behind Asthma Discovered by Australian Researchers
Australia researchers say they have discovered a new protein which plays a crucial role in the development of asthma, one of the biggest health problems faced by that country.

Dr Joerg Mattes and colleagues from the University of Newcastle, the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI), and the University of Freiburg in Germany, discovered high concentrations of a protein called TRAIL in the airways of asthmatics.

The research, which appears in the prestigious journal Nature Medicine, shows the inhibition of TRAIL provides protection from the development of airway inflammation and airflow obstruction, which are the hallmark features of asthma.

Dr Mattes said the team would now conduct further research to investigate new therapies for asthma, which involve inhibiting the protein.

The research is one of many projects being undertaken by researchers in the University of Newcastle's Priority Research Centre (PRC) for Asthma and Respiratory Diseases.

Centre Director Professor Paul Foster received more than $1.7m for three projects exploring new therapies in the treatment of asthma, advanced ways to inhibit the development of the disease, and preclinical testing of new asthma treatments.

"Asthma is one of the most significant health and economic burdens on society, and its prevalence has steadily increased over the last 25 years," said Centre Director, Professor Paul Foster. "One in five Australian children suffer from asthma, making it the most common chronic disease in childhood."

Professor Foster said new ways of treating asthma were urgently required as current therapies treated the symptoms and not the causes of the disease.

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