by VR Sreeraman on  October 6, 2009 at 12:42 PM Lifestyle News
 Prostitutes Thank Brit Leader for Boosting Their Trade
Prostitutes have thanked Labour Deputy leader Harriet Harman after her appeal for a ban on a website advertising their services fuelled their demand further.

Harman had recently urged California Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger to ban the California-based website Punter Net, which allows prostitutes to be rated by men who have had sex with them, calling it "degrading" and "exploitative".

However, sources close to the website owner reveal that following Harman's call the traffic on Punter Net has leaped to a whopping two million people from the earlier count of 200,000 per day.

Many girls even said they had more clients after Harman public outcry against the website.

The Independent quoted Laura Lee, a Glasgow-based escort, as saying: "Harriet Harman has managed to do in one day what I've been trying to do for six months, which is to increase the traffic to my personal website.

"Normally I would expect about 200 to 300 hits a day but now it's more like 820. The vast majority of gentlemen contacting me had never heard of Punter Net until this week."

Source: ANI

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