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Promising Drug To Treat Many Types Of Cancer
According to researchers, a promising pill may be able to treat more types of cancer than first thought.

The wonder pill can tackle five other forms of the disease - prostate, skin, ovarian, bowel and womb cancer, say scientists.

As per lab tests, the drug targets cancer cells while leaving healthy cells relatively unaffected - meaning fewer side effects for patients. It belongs to a class called PARP inhibitors.

The type - olaparib - is already being used to treat some hereditary forms of breast cancer.

It was developed by Professor Alan Ashworth and a British team from research charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer, reports The Sun.

The team found that the inhibitors killed cancer cells behind 30 per cent of breast cancers - and up to 80 per cent of breast, prostate, melanoma, womb, bowel and ovarian cancers.

Ashworth said: "These results are exciting because they show that PARP inhibitors are potentially a powerful targeted treatment with few side effects which may help a broad range of cancer patients.

"This shows the real benefits of applying cutting edge science to cancer treatment."

And co-researcher Dr Chris Lord added: "This class of drugs could potentially make a big difference for thousands of cancer patients, including some with very limited treatment options.

"It shows Breakthrough's focus on turning lab research into patient benefit as quickly as possible is having an impact."

Prof Peter Rigby, chief executive of the Institute of Cancer Research, said: "This shows they could benefit far more patients than previously believed."

Source: ANI

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