President Mukherjee Says Education the Base for India’s Future

by Kathy Jones on Dec 26 2013 11:30 PM

 President Mukherjee Says Education the Base for India’s Future
The education that children get in schools will be the foundation for India’s future, President Pranab Mukerjee has said.
Mukherjee was speaking at the Jagat Taran Girls Inter College here, where he inaugurated a new building and also unveiled a statue of Chintamani Ghosh, founder of the legendary 'Indian Press' which used to publish 'Saraswati' - a Hindi literary magazine of repute.

Mukherjee said that Ghosh made great contribution towards promoting Hindi language and literature and in publishing the first Hindi monthly magazine 'Saraswati'.

Mukherjee further said that the youth are the builders of our future and of the nation. We will have to make them the medium for change and development through education.

He stated that children should be taught that they should not merely be good students but should also inculcate in themselves the desire and energy to serve society.

The President emphasized on the need to increase the education and literacy levels of women.

He said that schools will have to prepare aware citizens who respect humanity and rise above the feeling of hatred, violence and discrimination to contribute in the development of a strong and vibrant nation.

Among the dignitaries present on the occasion was Governor of Uttar Pradesh, B.L. Joshi.