Pregnancy Blues Embarrass Most Women

by Rajashri on Sep 2 2008 4:43 PM

The obvious side effects of pregnancy embarrass most women, according to a new survey involving 1303 mums and mums-to-be conducted on behalf of for the charity Tommy's and Johnson's Baby.

The survey found that one in three women admitted they were embarrassed about the side effects of pregnancy. Some 21 per cent of the women noticed increased body hair, 10 per cent suffered from depression, 34 per cent suffered from constipation, 32 per cent from wind and 14 per cent from excessive sweating.

Many women were also ignorant about what drugs they needed to take, while 40 per cent of the women were not sure which foods were safe during pregnancy.

Based on this Tommy's is launching a campaign called Let's Talk Baby to help out pregnant women.