Preference of Chin Shape is Not Universal, Says Study

by Raja Nandhini on Apr 12 2013 5:30 AM

 Preference of Chin Shape is Not Universal, Says Study
The findings of a research from Dartmouth College have revealed that there is no standard characterization for an attractive chin. This conclusion contradicts the belief that certain features of human beauty are universal.
Researcher studied the chin shapes of 180 human skeletons from the American Museum of Natural History. It included both male and female mandibles and from nine areas in Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe.

The scientists noted significant differences in chin structure between various geographical regions and also among those belonging to the same region.

Researchers report that the differences were significant enough to question the facial attractiveness theory and suggest that chin preference is neither universal nor does it have an evolutionary impact.

The authors conclude that the reports of psychologists about universal facial attractiveness and these results need to be reconciled to make a conclusion.