Postponing Physical Intimacy Leads to Long and Happy Relationship

by Kathy Jones on Sep 3 2012 7:19 PM

 Postponing Physical Intimacy Leads to Long and Happy Relationship
A new study by Cornell University researchers has found that postponing sexual relations until late into a relationship could be the best way to have a happy and long relationship.
The researchers said that couples who postponed sexual activity for six months after the start of a relationship were more satisfied and happy with their partners compared to couples who achieved early sexual satisfaction as it tended to stunt the development of a relationship.

The researchers conducted their study on more than 600 couples, with all of the women being under 45 years of age. The researchers found that over a third of the couples indulged in sexual activity within the first month of their relationship while 28 percent of the couples said that they deferred sexual relations for six months.

“The postponement of sexual involvement is associated with higher levels of relationship quality. Women who deferred sexual involvement for over six months reported significantly higher levels of relationship satisfaction, commitment, intimacy and emotional support, as well as sexual satisfaction with their partner, than did those who became sexually involved within the first month”, the researchers wrote in their report, which has been published in the Journal of Marriage and Family.


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