by VR Sreeraman on  July 28, 2007 at 4:54 PM Celebrity Health News
Posh, Holmes are More Generous When It Comes to Tipping
Latest reports have debunked claims that Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham are stingy, especially in the tipping department.

Reports that the two celebs were cheapskates started circulating after it was alleged that they failed to tip a waitress at the Hollywood restaurant Asia de Cuba recently.

However, a rep from Asia de Cuba has denied the report claiming that Holmes left a generous tip at the table while Posh was away.

"That it is false and the only truth to this story is that they did come in to Asia de Cuba for lunch," Us quoted the rep, as saying.

"The server told me they were delightful, Katie paid while Victoria was away from the table and left a generous tip," the rep added.

According to reports, though Holmes picked up the tab after she and Posh had finished wining and dining, both women failed to leave a tip for the waitress who had been serving them.

When the indignant waitress then reportedly tried to stop the pair to point it out to them that they had broken a cardinal rule, she was stopped by Posh's security team.

Source: ANI

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