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 Poor Sleeping Habits Push Women to Wake Up Their Sleeping Husbands: Survey
Most women jealous of their partners nodding off within moments of hitting the pillow deliberately wake up their sleeping husbands, a survey found.

Sleep envy, as it is known, can turn a lady into a less than likeable partner.

One in four women admit to deliberately waking their husbands up because they are jealous they're able to nod off so easily.

The most common revenge is to simply toss and turn until their bleary-eyed husband is awake.

The next best thing is an 'accidental' poke or prod in the ribs.

Some admitted using less subtle tactics such as chatting until they got a response, making a loud noise and even turning on the light or television.

One in ten actually confessed to pinching the poor fellow.

The confessions came to light in a poll of 4,000 women who were questioned about their sleeping habits.

The research found a quarter of women took up to an hour to drop off, while most men said they were fast asleep in under ten minutes.

A third of women said the frustration they felt at watching their husbands blissfully-asleep while they toss and turn led to arguments.

'Not being able to get to sleep can be frustrating enough, but our survey shows that it's made worse when you're next to someone who is sound asleep," the Daily Mail quoted a spokesman for Silentnight, which carried out the poll, as saying.

"However, this sleep envy phenomenon is actually doing more harm than good and will only prevent you from getting to sleep longer.

"Sleepless Brits should try tiring themselves out by reading or having a warm drink in another room, so as not to disturb their partners," he added.

Source: ANI

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