by Rajashri on  August 8, 2008 at 2:20 PM General Health News
 Poll Says Americans Want Overhaul of Health Care System
A new poll has found that Americans are deeply dissatisfied with their health care choices and want the 2008 presidential candidates to put health care reform high on their campaign agenda.

The survey by the non-profit Commonwealth Fund, a charitable group promoting health care reform, found that 82 percent of adults surveyed believe that the US health care system is in need of a complete overhaul.

The random telephone survey of 1,004 adults found broad agreement that the health system should be reorganized to ensure better access and flow of information between doctors and patients.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive in May 2008, found respondents at all income levels dissatisfied with the country's health care system and health insurance programs.

Nine out of ten respondents said it is very important for the 2008 presidential candidates to address health care reform.

"It is clear that our health care system isn't giving Americans the health care they need and deserve," said Karen Davis, president of the Commonwealth Fund.

"The disorganization and inefficiency are affecting Americans in their everyday lives, and it's obvious that people are looking for reform," Davis said.

"With the upcoming election, there is great opportunity for our leaders to hear what the American people are saying they want from a health care system and to respond with meaningful proposals."

According to a report that accompanied the survey, "a majority of adults look to the next president to lead by proposing reforms that could improve the quality of health care, ensure affordable care and decrease the number of uninsured."

Source: AFP

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