by Julia Samuel on  February 16, 2015 at 5:14 PM General Health News
Doctors save Polish Woman's Leg by Revascularisation
The train mishap near Anekal in India cost the life of nine passengers and injured many. One among the injured was a polish couple, Kamil K. Klebanski and Ola Ryzczak who were treated in spark hospital.

The doctors cautioned that Ms.Ola's left leg might have to be amputated. However, through revascularisation, the doctors saved the badly injured leg.

Dr.Praveen Kumar, a member of the team of doctors that operated on Ms. Ola, told that Ms. Ola suffered a fracture of the calf bone that was fixed through an external fixator.

"As we operated on the thigh, the main artery of the upper thigh was blocked and damaged. We grafted a vein from the right thigh into the left thigh and revascularised it. As she has not suffered any major joint injuries we hope she would be fine and able to walk soon," he said.

"I spoke to her family and also my family, besides the Polish embassy who provided support. I will stay put in the hospital looking after Ola," Mr. Klebanski said.

Meanwhile, investigation on the derailment is going on with the loco pilot who claims that it was due to a stone which was on the way. Though there is no such bougler, there is suspicion that the train track and poorly maintained train might have led to the accident.

Source: Medindia

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