Police Arrest 'Marathon Boy' Budhia's Coach on Torture Claims

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 13 2007 3:46 PM

Police Arrest
'Marathon boy' Budhia Singh's coach, Biranchi Das, was detained by police today after his mother lodged a complaint against him.
Budhia’s mother Sukanti Singh, lodged the complaint at the Badagada Police Station, charging Biranchi with the physical torture of her son.

"Biranchi Das has been torturing my son for quite some time now. He even tied him up to the fan once and then switched the fan on. He has also been hurting him with burns. He had promised to help us financially, but has not done so. I don't know when and how he took my signatures and legally adopted my son," said Sukanti.

The action was taken a day after Budhia accused his coach of physical and mental torture.

Budhia complained to his mother that he was being tortured by his coach, and did not want to go back and live with him at the State Judo Association premises in the city.

"Biranchi Das has been beating me regularly and not giving me sufficient food to eat. I really don't know why he beat me," said Budhia.

Biranchi Das said the charge was baseless, and stemmed from Sukanti’s greed.

"Budhia mother has been asking me for money everyday. She is levelling all these allegations because someone else has prompted her to do so for monetary considerations,” Das claimed.

If I have tortured him then why didn't they complain earlier? Budhia left 20 days ago, he added.

Human rights organisations have harshly criticised the State Government and Das for endangering Budhia’s health for personal reward.

Six-year-old Budhia became a celebrity after his non-stop 65-km run in 2005.


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