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 Pig Holding 63-year-old Australian Woman Hostage
A 63-year-old Australian woman is complaining that a giant pig is holding her hostage in her home. But she wouldn't like that to be taken away to the butcher either. For she really loves it.

The wayward pig, nicknamed Bruce and reportedly the miniature pony appears to have adopted Uki resident Caroline Hayes and is reluctant to leave her home, south of Murwillumbah in New South Wales.

The 63-year-old woman told the ABC she had been unable to leave her house or get to an outdoor toilet because Bruce was being "very pushy" and trying to get inside.

Two attempts to remove and destroy the animal have been unsuccessful and Tweed Shire Council has now handed the matter over to the Rural Lands Protection Board (RLPB).

A council spokeswoman said the RLPB has assured Ms Hayes they would take Bruce to a piggery after collecting him tomorrow and not end his life.

Hayes told the ABC she took pity on the pig when he wandered into her yard 10 days ago, nicknaming him Bruce and patching up a few ailments.

"When I found it, it had 15 ticks in its eyes which I actually took out," she said.

"One of its eyes it couldn't see out of, so I put cream in it and I fixed its back up, but apparently it's actually claimed my land and claimed my place."

Hayes became distressed when council officers tried to take the pig away and asked them to leave her property, a council spokeswoman said.

The council has also received calls from residents asking officers to leave Bruce alone, she said.

Hayes says Bruce has been wreaking havoc in her yard.

"He's pulled a big king-size mattress out of my garage and he's ripped it up all around the yard," she told the ABC.

"And then he's come up again and I've got a mat outside my door, which he's actually rolled up.

"He put his nose underneath it and actually rolled it up into a perfect roll."

She had locked herself inside yesterday afternoon and did not come out again until late this morning.

"This morning, I wanted to go to my toilet, which is outside. I opened up the door and the pig pushed me that hard, it pushed me back into my room, where I fell over," she said.

"I picked up a broom and poked him out with it and he snapped it in half with his mouth."

Rangers from Murwillumbah Council will try to catch the pig today but Ms Hayes doesn't want to know what they plan to do with it.

"I haven't stopped crying because I'm a major animal lover and a vegetarian."

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