Philippine Military Send Medical Teams to Contain Typhoid Outbreak

by VR Sreeraman on Nov 20 2008 12:19 PM

The Philippine military has mobilised medical teams to help fight an outbreak of typhoid fever that has left more than 100 people hospitalised northeast of Manila, according to the military.

Teams of doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians as well as equipment will be sent to the towns of Real and Infanta in Quezon Provence to help contain the outbreak, it said.

The Department of Health on Wednesday confirmed that contaminated water from a stream was the main source of the outbreak.

"The armed force of the Philippines is committed to giving its full support to government efforts to address this health situation in Quezon," armed forces chief of staff General Alexander Yano said in a statement.

Typhoid is a bacterial disease spread by food or drink contaminated with the faeces or urine of infected people.