PhD Student, The Pervert Behind Ghastly Murder Of 19-year-old Girl

by Gopalan on Oct 26 2009 11:38 PM

Indian police say a 34-year-old PhD scholar of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi, was responsible for the ghastly murder of a 19-year-old girl.

Giving a graphic description of the killing that shook the national capital a couple of days ago, Dhaliwal, a senior police official, told reporters Monday: “The accused put her face on the gas burner and burnt her face and torso. He had the entire sequence of events in his head and gave alibis so that no one suspected him."

But after intense interrogation, Pushpam Kumar Sinha confessed to strangulating his 19-year-old neighbour, Ramchanphy Hongray, in her home in south Delhi. The girl, hailing from Nagaland in the North East of the country, had come to visit her sister Tamilia.

It was the sister, who works in a Delhi restaurant, who raised suspicions about her next door neighbour Sinha.

"Timila said he was trying to befriend her sister but there was never any occasion when she had made any complaint about him. On Diwali they had burnt fire crackers together, so he mistakenly thought that she was attracted to him," Dhaliwal said.

Saturday evening, finding the young and attractive Hongray alone in her apartment, Sinha made advances towards her. When she protested, he got scared and strangled her to death, in sheer panic.

"He feared that the girl would report about him to others and he would face police action. He then torched her face. But because of the fire, her torso also suffered 30 percent burn injuries," Dhaliwal reasoned.

Earlier, the police thought it was a case of accidental fire. However, the post-mortem examination revealed that the girl did not die of burns but had been strangulated.

The alleged murderer, was a "pervert and maniacal" nature and suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder, it is claimed.

Sinha, the son of an aeronautical engineer and a graduate from the Indian Institute of Science, had a brilliant academic record, but he was always a recluse. The police say his room had telltale signs of a perverted mind.

There was lewd graffiti all over his wall, and his dairy revealed he was frustrated at not being married. He also mentioned he had been blacklisted for bad behavior in college. His laptop had pornographic content, and he allegedly bought gifts for girlfriends he never had.

Sinha’s parents are in a state of shock, it has been reported.

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