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Pete Doherty Back to Rehab to Overcome Drug Addiction
Beleaguered rock star Pete Doherty has once again checked into rehab to get over his drug addiction.

The 'Babyshambles' frontman, who was arrested for possession of drugs last week, spent part of Friday receiving group therapy at Clouds House, a clinic just outside Salisbury, Wilts.

"He really needs help, and we're grateful he's getting it," the Daily Mail quoted one of Doherty's friends as saying.

At Clouds House, whose former clients include Robbie Williams and Boy George, patients are kept busy with a variety of chores, known as 'Therapeutic Duties'.

Doherty will have to tidy his room, make his bed, keep his personal belongings in order, vacuum the lounge, and set the tables for dinner.

Although he will not be allowed to stay in his room, taking part in a variety of group activities—such as attending lectures and workshops and watching educational videos—will be mandatory for him.

The singer will be allowed to participate in several "creative" activities, including reading and writing assignments, art therapy, drumming workshops and 'drama therapy'.

Indian Head Massage, T'ai Chi, acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy foot massage and Shiatsu Massage are some of the alternative therapies that Doherty will be having access to.

Doherty became addicted to drugs around five years ago, when he first achieved success with his first band 'The Libertines'.

He has been arrested an 13 times since 2005, and has been in rehabilitation at The Priory, a French clinic, a Thai monastery, a Portuguese clinic and The Meadows, a famous clinic in Arizona.

Source: ANI

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