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 PetAirways Launches 'Kennel-in-the-sky' Service for Pampered Pets
Pampered pets can now have an enjoyable trip with the introduction of the first pet-only airline, lunched from a Long Island airport on July 14.

PetAirways vows to provide kennel-in-the-sky service for pampered pets, and offers free in-flight pet treats, comfy crates, and a climate-controlled cabin.

"It's great to know he'll get there safely and we don't have to worry," the New York Daily News quoted Jim Gentilini, 62, of Binghamton, NY, who was checking in his daughter's chocolate lab named Bear, as saying.

The idea for the fur-friendly airline came when CEO Dan Wiesel had to check his Jack Russell terrier into the cargo hold on a cross-country flight.

"It was stressful for me and it was stressful for the dog," Wiesel, of Delaney, Fla, said.

PetAirways is starting out with a single Beechcraft plane that once seated 19 human passengers, and the plane has been gutted to provide space for 50 pets.

Onboard the plane will also be a veterinary assistant, who will ride on every flight along with the pilot and co-pilot.

Tickets for the airline, which is starting out by flying once a week from Republic Airport in Farmingdale to Baltimore, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles, starts at 149 dollars.

For now, the airline is only taking dogs and cats, but is looking into accepting birds and "exotic animals" as well.

Gentilini said the pet-only airline beats flying coach or even business class.

"The animals are getting treated better than I do on most flights," he added.

Source: ANI

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