by Dr. Enozia Vakil on  June 4, 2014 at 5:58 PM Research News
 Perfect Time to Reach the Airport
Mathematician Jordan Ellenberg has revealed the best time to arrive at the airport as feasibly late as possible, with enough time to make it to your plane.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison professor explains that every hour spent waiting for your plane at the airport is a "negative unit."

It's an hour you could've spent in the comfort of your home or hotel. If we routinely arrive at airports three hours ahead of time, we'll accrue hundreds of those lost hours over the course of our lives, and that's not an efficient use of our time on earth, the Huffington Post reported.

So to optimize your time and therefore optimize your life, Ellenberg said that it's best to cut it close-very close-when showing up to the airport.

"If you've never missed a flight, you're not doing it right," he told The Sunday Times.

Ellenberg said that his strategy, outlined in the new book 'How Not to Be Wrong', will leave travelers with just a one to two percent chance of actually missing their flights.

He does, however, concede that his plan might not be for you if you cherish your clean flight record.

Source: ANI

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