by Rukmani Krishna on  August 20, 2012 at 11:04 PM Celebrity Health News
 'Perfect Skin' Secret Shared By Danielle Lloyd
Want to know the secret to looking like Danielle Lloyd? Well, she has revealed how much work it takes in the morning for her to look like she does - perfect skin and a perfect figure and perfect toenails.

She started with her complexion.

"I can't live without Creme De La Mer tinted moisturiser. I'm so busy with the kids in the day it's all I have time to put on! I literally just slap that on," the Mirror quoted her as saying.

"Occasionally if I've had a heavy night or been drinking I might get spots on my face. Also if I'm nervous or stressed I get a blotchy rash across my chest. It's like a nervous rash.

"I love Clarins tonic moisturiser when I go on holiday as it tones the skin, which is good after wearing sun cream in the day as this makes my skin oilier. I always use factor 50 on my face and I always pack ItchEze spray to use on my chest too, as it can get blotchy and irritated sometimes," she said.

It's not just her complexion that the WAG worries about - after having her boob implants removed, she's confessed to feeling a bit insecure.

"[It was] really hard, I did miss them at first. But they made me look bigger overall so I feel slimmer now," she said.

"I think every girl thinks she should be slimmer, so you just have to try to not worry about it. It's not that important.

"I am trying to slim down, though. I've put on 5lb since my wedding in May and I'm determined to tone up. I've got a personal trainer three times a week now.

"I did the juice diet and I lost 4 pounds, but as soon as I came off the diet I put it all back on again. For me I would rather eat the same amount that I'm used to but step up how much I exercise to lose weight and tone up," she added.

Source: ANI

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