People With High IQ Cannot Detect Large Background Movements

by Kathy Jones on May 27 2013 6:37 PM

 People With High IQ Cannot Detect Large Background Movements
A new study published in the journal Current Biology reveals that people with high IQ are not able to quickly detect large background movements as their brains manage to filter out non-essential information.
The study was conducted by researchers at University of Rochester who asked 53 people to take part in a visual test which involved them watching short video clips of black and white bars moving across a computer screen. Some of the clips were small and filled only a small part of the computer screen while other clips were wide and filled the whole screen.

The participants were asked to identify the direction in which the bars were moving and later on also took part in a standardized intelligence test. The researchers found that those with the highest IQ were quickest in noticing the movement of the bars in the smallest image but struggled to do so when the image was bigger.

“This new link to intelligence provides a good target for looking at what is different about the neural processing, what's different about the neurochemistry, what's different about the neurotransmitters of people with different IQs”, said Duje Tadin, who also worked on the study.


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