by Kathy Jones on  October 28, 2012 at 5:34 PM General Health News
 People Over 30 Years of Age Prefer Reading E-Books on Kindle
While e-books are considered a recent innovation, researchers at Pew Research Center reveal that a 'generation gap' already exists among those who read e-books with people over 30 years of age preferring to read them on e-book readers such as Amazon Kindle while those who are younger like to read them on mobile phones and computers.

Among e-book users surveyed, between ages 16-29, more than half read one on a desktop or laptop and around 40 percent use a mobile phone.

According to the survey, around 25 percent used an e-reader, the Herald Sun reports.

Among respondents 30 and older, 46 percent preferred e-readers, just 25 per cent mobile phones, the study showed.

The report also showed that teen readers were less likely to read an e-book than those immediately older.

Around 12 per cent of respondents aged 16-17 read an e-book over the past year, compared with 21 per cent for ages 18-24 and 25 per cent for ages 30-39.

Source: ANI

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