Pearl Inside Seafood Makes a Man Feel Lucky

by Savitha C Muppala on Feb 27 2013 3:38 PM

 Pearl Inside Seafood Makes a Man Feel Lucky
James had consumed too much beer the previous night and was having a nagging headache the next day.
He went to his usual fishmonger and bought two fresh oysters to cure his hangover. As he bit into one of the molluscs, he felt a lump in his mouth - and found a rare pearl inside that.

James said: “I thought a filling had fallen out. It was only when I spat it out that I discovered it was a pearl. It’s small, but perfectly formed and I absolutely love it.”

This is an extremely rare find as natural pearls are normally found in pearl oysters and not Pacific oysters which James had purchased.

Even the fishmonger from whom James had purchased the oysters was extremely surprised, as in his business spanning 30 years, he had not come across such a find.

James feels lucky and will probably make it a part of a jewelry to remind him of the stroke of luck. He is quite sure not to sell it and will be happy to keep the lucky charm by his side.