by Nancy Needhima on  December 26, 2011 at 8:55 PM News on IT in Healthcare
PCs and Phones Geared by Mind Step Next to Reality
IBM, the technology giant has revealed its top five predictions for latest technologies to emerge or progress in the next five years, inclusive of mind controlled phones and computers.

Hoverboards remain suspiciously absent, but the ability to dial someone just by thinking of them has been flagged as a way to take current technologies like Siri a step further.

IBM scientists are also working on ways to hook people's brains to their computers, allowing for navigation by thought, the Herald Sun reported.

In data released in the US, predictions have also warned of the end of junk mail, replaced with spam advertising so sophisticated and tailored you won't think it's junk anymore.

Turning peddle power and the kinetic energy of water running through your pipes into electricity is also on the cards. It also suggests potential downfall of passwords with the advent of voice and facial recognition.

Advances in smartphone technology have also been predicted to end the digital supremacy of high-income earners, with powerful, hand-held computers expected to be in the hands of 80 per cent of the world's population within five years.

Source: ANI

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