by Kathy Jones on  September 4, 2010 at 8:32 PM Drug News
 Patients Suffering Due to Lack of Branded Drugs
The Chemist and Druggist Stock Survey 2010 has found that many pharmacists are finding it difficult to stock branded medicines.

This in turn is hurting the health of patients, UK experts have warned. It has emerged that drugs intended for sale in the UK are being exported to take advantage of the exchange rates, forcing patients to wait for long until their prescriptions are filled.

Empowering Better Health

Some of the drugs that are most difficult to obtain include Parkinson's drug Sinemet, breast cancer drug Femara, schizophrenia medicine Zyprexa and the anti-depressant Cipralexare.

Richard Barker, director general of Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry said there is a need for urgent action on this front, "Manufacturers have supplied more than enough medicines to satisfy patient demand in the UK but there is still not enough getting through to the front line."

The survey also said that 60% of pharmacists were braced for a worse 2011, while 90% said they spent at least one hour per week trying to find the drugs.

Source: Medindia

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