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Patients can Now Seek Health Advice Via 'E-Sanjeevani' App
Gurugram District Health Department has launched the 'e-Sanjeevani' outpatient department (OPD) app at Sector-10A General Hospital. This provides patients, including pregnant women, to communicate with a doctor and receive telephone advice.

The district health officials said to avail this facility, and the patients would have to download this app on their phones.

Nodal officer Dr. Esha Narang said the patient would have to download the app on his phone and register for it.

The patient then has to write in the option found on the app, for which disease he wants to talk to the doctor. After that, the patient would get the OTP number, and through that number, he would be registered for the whole day.

"A token number will be mandatory for any prescription. This token number will give information about the turn of the patients. The patient can check his token number repeatedly through the OTP number," Narang said.

The official said the Central government had provided this facility in the entire country under the National Health Mission.

She said if a resident of Gurugram visits another state and city, then he would have to register himself on the app there and talk to the doctors there.

With the help of the 'e-Sanjeevani OPD' app, there would be a face-to-face interaction between the patient and the doctor. In this, patients and doctors would be able to interact through video-conferencing.

"There are many patients who need doctor's advice every day, and they are avoiding a visit to hospitals amid the ongoing Covid-19. The patients can now consult the doctor and take medicine with 'e-Sanjeevani OPD' sitting at their home. The best thing is that it involves the specialists of all diseases, and the patient can talk to the specialist at different times. More than 70 doctors in Gurugram have joined the 'e-Sanjeevani OPD' and others will be inducted soon," Narang added.

Source: IANS

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