Paternity Test India Helps Woman to Find Her Dad

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 8 2009 4:11 PM

Thanks to Paternity Test India (Eastern Biotech) to bring new DNA test made available across the India, an Indian woman has been able to trace her biological father whom she otherwise might have never known.

The 29-year-old woman Mandira (Name changed), who did not want to be named, said she found out about the paternity kit through the internet and decided to try it.

"For many years my mother didn't want me to find out who my father was. I then went on the Internet to see what options were available for paternity testing and I discovered that I could actually do the test at home," she said.

Mandira registered for the Paternity Test India Free Kit online which was immediately posted to her in New Delhi and her alleged father who lives in Dubai.

"All I had was my father's name, his contact details and his address in Dubai and he agreed to do the test. I only paid Rs 11500 and the results were e-mailed to me within 14 days. I'm happy to know who my biological father is and I haven't told my mother that I've found my father," she said.

”Paternity Test India” is a Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences venture which is a Dubai based biotech company and offering all sorts of Genetic Testing Services in Middle East & Asia. Many people are picking up this test for Peace of Mind purpose.

The test kit contains six oral collection swabs for three people taking the test. However, if the father is suspicious about the child's paternity, the test can be done without the mother's knowledge or consent.

"The kit gives our clients a discreet and quick way of finding out if their child is really theirs without the child or partner knowing about it," Pankaj Sohaney, Director Marketing for Paternity Test India said.  Company is now planning to launch these kits through Pharmacy shops all over the India.

"The test can also be used to test other relations, for example, if two men want to find out if they are siblings or to test a grandparent and grandchild if they are related," he said.

Source-Eastern Biotech & Life Science