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 Parents Should be Empathetic Towards Their Kids
The GI Rendezvous' with eminent speaker and Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Hozefa A. Bhinderwala, organized a presentation on 'Parenting in the Ultra-HD age' at the H.K. Clark's Inn. In an interactive presentation, the participants opined that they find parenting more challenging today than in previous time.

The session was attended by people from different walks which included doctors, teachers, principals, businessmen, and journalists among other professionals. The discussion started with Dr. Hozefa telling the audience not to do any of unavoidable and unconscious behaviours that just happen automatically. After he had given an elaborate list, he asked the participants if they were willing to listen to the list again and they reacted with a 'no'.

He brought to the audience's notice that, while we get so irritated quickly with such instructions and cannot tolerate repetitions, we do the same thing with children on a regular basis. He went on to explain how a child's behaviour is directly related to his emotional state and it is very important to be empathetic towards the children. He further stated that this is a very challenging job for most parents today, as when the children grow up they did not have much empathy shown to them from their parents or from the previous generation.

The participants unanimously agreed that advances in technology in today's time have also brought new challenges to the parents to deal with the new generation. Almost all of the participants agreed that parenting is more challenging today. Dr. Hozefa also laid down a few common obstacles for good co-operation between parents and children and urged the parents to be wary of them. Dr. Gurbilas P. Singh Pannu, one of the organizers of GI Rendezvous said that their organization would organize more seminars and interactive sessions in the near future on various social issues to help the society.

Jadish Singh, an eminent Sikh scholar and educationist said that its true that today's generation is paying more time to technologies than to other things and the theory of teaching parenting is more fairer than the practicality of the issue, which today's parents have been facing. Dr. Ravinder Singh Malhotra presented memento as a token of respect to chief guest Jadish Singh and Dr. Anupam Kaur, the guest of honour at the occasion. The whole session was interactive and the participants also joined in the discussion, making it a very lively session with differences of opinions and contrasting viewpoints.

Source: ANI

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