by VR Sreeraman on  September 17, 2007 at 5:37 PM Child Health News
Parent's Pressurisation Leads to Mental Suffocation in Middle-class Kids
Children belonging to middle-class families are facing stress, for their parents are constantly pressurising them to take up extra-curricular activities.

According to the Archbishop of Canterbury, kids face immense pressure from their parents who force them to take up several activities.

Rowan Williams also revealed that children have been pushed into taking up several activities like ballet, violin and swimming classes by their parents, who expect them to excel in every field, reports Daily Telegraph.

Similarly, children who join gangs feel suffocated with peer pressure.

Williams emphasises that working parents should give more priority to children than their careers.

He also added that the contemporary society, which is focused on exam results, material success and constant entertainment, is a hindrance to the emotional development of children.

Archbishop commented on children upbringing after more than 250 experts claimed in a letter to this newspaper that a generation of youngsters was being "contaminated" by addictive computer games, over-testing, increased traffic and a fear of strangers that meant they hardly ever played outside.

He said working parents should plan for their children according to their capabilities.

"Two working parents can be fine if they know how to structure the time the children need. It's not so much the fact of working, it's the all consuming nature of a lot of work expectations," the Archbishop said.

Source: ANI

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