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 Parents Create Awareness About Toxic Shock Syndrome After death of their daughter
Fourteen- year- old Natasha Scott, from Caerwent Monmouthshire, UK is no more. She died of toxic shock syndrome on Valentine's Day after using a tampon for the first time.

Now, her family has embarked upon a campaign to increase awareness of toxic shock syndrome.

Natasha Scott-Falber's family wishes that everyone be aware of symptoms of the condition which claims nearly 40 victims a year in the United Kingdom.

Toxic shock syndrome occurs when the usually innocuous Streptococcus bacteria that reside in the skin, flood the bloodstream and begin to generate lethal toxins. The victim experiences high fever, the blood pressure drops, with complaints of dizziness and confusion.

In a message on Facebook the family said: "Generally speaking, it is accepted knowledge that leaving a tampon in for too long can cause toxic shock syndrome. But in Natasha's case, she followed all the instructions and used the tampon correctly. It was simply the introduction of the tampon into her body which caused the toxic shock syndrome to take effect. Toxic shock is very rare, but also very deadly."

Mrs Scott added: "We thought that one thing we could do, to honour Natasha and help others, would be to start an awareness campaign about toxic shock syndrome. We are determined to make at least everyone in the UK aware of what the symptoms are, and what the risks are."

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