by Rathi Manohar on  March 4, 2011 at 8:45 AM Child Health News
 Parenting Skills
Successful parenting depends on various factors that need to be considered seriously in a stressful world, claim various research studies on the subject.

Providing a stable environment helps the child develop not only physically but emotionally too. Too often, parents tend to focus on fulfilling physical needs, bur psychological fulfillment is equally important. An environment where a child feels secure and protected would ward off a lot of emotional problems.

Another very important factor in successful parenting is in being a good role model for their children. Values and good behavior cannot be forced from a child through punishment. The wisest strategy is to set an example through modeling good behavior. This would also mean an awareness and an acceptance of individual differences.

Good communication between parents and children plays a vital role in families.  Even when parents go through personal stresses like marital discord, loss of employment, or financial problems, the line of communication with their children should never break down.

A primary note of concern seems to be the financial responsibility that parents face in bringing up children. An interesting study involved two groups of parents who were shown a report that said the cost for bringing up a child for eighteen years was about $190,000. While one group was just given this information, the other was also involved in a discussion about the positive aspects of parenting. It is noteworthy that the group that received only the information on the finances registered more emotional discomfort.

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