by VR Sreeraman on  July 28, 2009 at 5:37 PM Celebrity Health News
 Paramedics Mistook MJ For an Old Man
Paramedics who rushed Michael Jackson to hospital have revealed that they mistook the King of Pop's body for that of an old man.

It was after 10 minutes that they realised that the victim was none other than the 'Thriller' hitmaker himself.

"It just looked like a frail, old sickly man," the Sun quoted an emergency worker as saying.

Last week, the medics had revealed that it appeared that Jackson was already dead of a cardiac arrest by the time paramedics arrived at his rented mansion in LA.

According to US websites, Jackson had "flatlined" - in medical jargon, there was no electrical activity in his heart. There were also no other signs of life.

The paramedics claimed they wanted to pronounce the singer dead at the scene, but his cardiologist Dr. Conrad Murray, who was at the house and is now under a manslaughter investigation, "insisted he be transported to hospital".

It has also been reported that cops found a stash of drugs at the singer's house, including the powerful anaesthetic Propofol, which is believed to have killed Jackson.

It was apparently hidden in the closet of a guest room, where Dr. Murray stayed.

Source: ANI

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