Pals Worried Over Kate Moss' Anorexic Health

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 26 2007 1:44 PM

Super model Kate Moss’ friends are worried that she is growing extremely thin, short-tempered, and untidy.

A close friend of Moss’ has said that her ‘sexy’ and ‘anorexic’ style, which she once dubbed ‘rexy’, is taking a toll on her health.

"Kate has lost half a stone over the past three weeks and is virtually not eating at all. Her skin is in a terrible state and her hair is ratty and unkempt,” the Daily Mail quoted a friend, as saying.

Although the British beauty was on a strict detox diet of hot water and green leaves, recent events undoubtedly had a bad effect on her, said her friend.

The 33-year-old failed to renew her contracts after Burberry and Agent Provocateur dumped her.

Kate’s acrimonious split with her on-off lover Pete Doherty also distressed her immensely.

"Many of her close friends worry that she is too thin. Her professional and personal life hasn't been great of late and everyone has been telling Kate to put on a few pounds,” the friend added.