by Tanya Thomas on  September 6, 2010 at 10:51 AM Lifestyle News
 Pakistan's Non-Professional Beauticians Spreading Risk of Hepatitis
It has emerged that non-professional beauticians in Pakistan are using homemade low quality creams and non-sterilised instruments, thus putting the health of their clients at risk.

Authorities are not bothered that the number of beauty saloons and barbershops are using unbranded stuff, which causes hepatitis-C and skin-related diseases, the News reported.

Dermatologist and Hair Trichologist Zaib Nisar, who is also chief executive officer (training) in the Ministry of Labour and Manpower, said that unfortunately thousands of non-professionals are running beauty saloons ignoring the bylaws of the business.

She said that more than 1,000 beauty saloons with different names and monograms are functioning in twin cities.

And according to International Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, all premises must be kept clean, all towels and other items, which come into contact with a customer, must be clean and used only once before being washed on a high temperature cycle.

All tools or instruments must be sterilised, all gowns should be washed regularly, solid soap, powder puffs, alum blocks or sponges should not be used, shaving brush must only be used for the first lather, once shaving has commenced the brush cannot be used etc.

The majority of beauty saloons are not following the rules and regulations and people are facing different skin infections including deadly hepatitis C, she warned.

She said that non-professional beauty saloons are looting men and women alike as they charge 20,000 rupees to 30,000 rupees for a bridal make-up and party make-up.

Rawal Town Administrator Talat Mahmood Gondal admitted that bylaws are not being implemented in the beauty saloon business.

All beauty saloons should be properly registered in the light of international bylaws because it is the matter of human health.

He said that after Eidul Fitr checking and proper registration process of all beauty saloons would be started.

Source: ANI

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