by Tanya Thomas on  August 2, 2010 at 10:21 AM Lifestyle News
 Pakistan Gives in to the Tattoo Rage
The new rage sweeping across Pakistan has to do with body art, a tattoo artist has revealed.

Pakistani tattoo artist Naveed Ahmed revealed that he has made thousands of tattoos on different parts of people's bodies ever since he started working in the city in 2002 with three shops.

"People have been coming to me from all over the country as I am the only tattoo artist here," the Daily Times quoted Ahmed, owner of Xtra Tattoo house, as saying.

"The years that I have spent here have been a remarkable learning experience as I get to meet different people by simply sitting in my parlour," he revealed.

He charges Rs 2,500 per square inch and if the tattoo is bigger than a square inch, the rate is Rs 1,500 per square inch. The most expensive tattoo he has ever made was a full arm tattoo of sharp edges, for which he charged Rs 175,000.

"Making a tattoo is not easy because a minor distraction could ruin the whole design, and the client would make a fuss over the payment," he said.

"Further, I have a lot of customers that I cannot entertain because I cannot make more than five or six tattoos a day as its very hectic.

"My vision has blurred over the years making tattoos because I have to focus very hard on a design, but I have enjoyed doing this work and I don't regret it," he added.

Source: ANI

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