Painful Judgment as Breast Cancer Mum Loses Custody of Kids

by Kathy Jones on May 13 2011 7:51 PM

 Painful Judgment as Breast Cancer Mum Loses Custody of Kids
A North Carolina judge has handed the custody of two children to the father because the mother is unemployed and has breast cancer.
Presiding over the custody case between Kane Snyder and Alaina Giordano, Judge Nancy Gordon said that Snyder had a job in Chicago which would mean that he could support the children and suggested that it would be easier if Giordano can shift her treatment to Chicago rather than Snyder moving back to Durham.

Giordano has received huge support even in the online world with over 13,000 fans offering her support on the Facebook page, “Alaina Giordano Should Not Lose Her Kids Because She Has Breast Cancer”, while over 68,000 people have signed up an online petition titled “Do Not Allow NC Judge To Take Alaina Giordano’s Children Just Because She Has Cancer”, which will be sent to the North Carolina governor.

Giordano herself has started a blog in which she wrote that no one is sure of how long they can live and pointed out that Snyder himself could get hit by a car which would leave the children without any support in Chicago.

On the judge’s suggestion that she could move her treatment to Chicago, Giordano told NBC-17, “My cancer treatment is in Durham. I have found a great medical team. It took me years to find this medical team. I'm thriving in large part because of this team of doctors at Duke. It appears to me that the judge decided my husband's job was more important than my health.”