Pain in the Back? Try Acupuncture

Pain in the Back? Try Acupuncture
Acupuncture has had its share of brickbats and bouquets, and many have looked at it with suspicion, whether it can deliver as well as it claims, but now a new study has shown that acupuncture is pretty effective in treating patients suffering chronic back pain.
A study was conducted amongst patients suffering chronic back pain, where it was found that the acupuncture method of fixing needles at certain points produced relief from pain. This treatment was also found to be easy on cost, unlike other pain relieving methods.

The efficacy of acupuncture came to light after a study was conducted, where half of the patients were treated with acupuncture and the rest were treated with traditional pain relieving methods. Patients were tracked for a year and it was found that those who had received acupuncture expressed immense relief from excruciating pain.

To quote the report "At three months, patients in the acupuncture group were significantly more likely to be 'very satisfied' with their treatment compared with usual care, and with their overall care. At 24 months, the acupuncture group were more likely to report reduced worry about their back pain, less likely to report current use of pain medication for their back, and more likely to report no pain for the past 12 months."

This is indeed a shot in the arm for acupuncture, which is soon gaining ground as a reliable pain relieving method for patients suffering unbearable back pain.


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