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 Oz Priest and His Community Fuming Over Sex Shop Opposite Their Church
An Anglican priest in Australia has been left furious with a sex shop that is opening opposite his church, and that too during the Easter period.

Reverend Nick Wallace wants the Good Vibrations adult shop on South Rd, Clovelly Park, closed.

"I'm absolutely outraged," Adelaide Now quoted Reverend Wallace as saying.

"We at St Mary's feel as if we've been ignored and treated with contempt by not being consulted about this shop which faces directly across from our heritage cemetery and place of worship," he stated.

The adult store, which was previously occupied by a paint shop, is within the boundary of Marion Council, but the church is within Mitcham Council's area.

Marion Council acting chief executive officer Adrian Skull said the opening had nothing to do with them.

"Marion Council was powerless under the state's planning laws to stop the adult shop from opening across from the church," he explained.

"While we support small business we are disappointed that the shop chose this particular weekend for its opening," he stated.

But Reverend Wallace is outraged the council didn't consult the church first.

"I just think it's ironic you have to get permission from the council to cut down a tree yet we're powerless to act when a sex shop is to be open in a location far from appropriate," he said.

"I believe as a Christian community we are well within our rights to have this view.

"We have funerals for young people and imagine when their families are deeply in their grief, as they naturally would be, and imagine looking across the road, yet all you face is a sex shop. There's just no sensitivity," he said.

There has long been an adult shop on the corner of Celtic Ave and South Rd, less than 200m from the new adult store.

"My view is it's straight and frank, I accept such retail outlets and that it's part of Australian culture, but my issue is the location of this particular one being directly opposite the church," Reverend Wallace added.

The Anglican Reverend and members of his church have started a petition.

Source: ANI

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