Oz Mayor Corrects Gender Imbalance by Inviting 'bloody Attractive' Girls!

by Hannah Punitha on Oct 11 2008 1:57 PM

An Aussie Mayor, who tried to solve a gender imbalance in his small town by inviting ugly girls to arrive there and snag a man, has revealed that he has been contacted by over 50 women, some of whom are bloody attractive.

It's getting a bit embarrassing, because some of these girls are beautiful,the Telegraph quoted John Molony, the mayor of Mount Isa who refused to apologize for his remarks, as saying.

While the media were beating me over the head with a stick, girls were sending me emails from all around the world and a surprising number from across Australia, he said.

Molony was accused of sexism for his remarks.

One girl said she'd lived all her life in Brisbane, she's 26, and she's never smelt sweat on a man. Well, there's plenty (of sweaty men) up here,he said.

Mt Isa is an old mining town in New South Wales, in southeastern Australia. Men in the town outnumber women by a ratio of five to one.