by Kathy Jones on  December 6, 2013 at 7:21 PM Senior Health News
 Oz Engineers Develop ‘Electronic Diaper’ for the Elderly
An 'electronic diaper' that contains a small sensor in an incontinence pad to detect urinary discharge has been developed by an Australian company.

The sensor made by Simavita analyses the received data using special computer software, which enables carers to build an accurate profile, a "live bladder chart" of the resident's continence, reported.

The chart, which is generated during the 72-hour assessment period that an old person undergoes when they enter long-term care facilities, is then used as an aid for their future care.

Philippa Lewis, chief executive of Simavita, said that the live bladder chart completely changes the way people manage that resident and their care.

The live bladder chart will help a carer determine what makes the resident want to discharge urine, and will also indicates the general timing and frequency of urinary discharge.

Source: ANI

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