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Overwhelming Cancer Insurance Fraud Exposed!
A truly overwhelming insurance fraud by a doctor and his nurse wife was exposed today. Judge Patrick McCartan of the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court remanded Dr Emad Massoud and his nurse wife.

The couple is found guilty of a 731,000 euros fraud after falsely claiming that the wife had breast cancer.

The couple after successfully claiming that Mrs. Massoud had breast cancer were found guilty of defrauding €45,338 on February 22, 2002 from Lifetime Assurance Company Ltd and €685,658 from Scottish Provident Ltd on March 25, 2002 where they had insurance covers for serious illnesses.

While civil proceedings will continue against the Massouds in the High Court  the Scottish Provident and Lifetime Assurance are looking for the €730,996 to be paid back.

Once the case is successful the Massouds will have to sell their only remaining family home valued at €750,000.

Yesterday was day 15 of their criminal trial and the criminal court was rife with tension and alarming exposures even as the couple pleaded that they had no intention to defraud the insurance companies.

Judge McCartan applauded Detective Sergeant Declan Daly, who led the investigation, with his gardai colleagues. Gardai began an investigation after an insurance company received a tip-off by phone and letter about the couple.

Lawyers for the couple acknowledged that a lumpectomy  to diagnose cancer was carried out by Dr Massoud, and not by a friend of the couple - as stated on the insurance claim forms during the trial at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

The experts' report further shocked the jury as they confirmed that the breast sample was much bigger than the scars on Mrs Massoud's breast, and the sample's DNA did not match hers. Also Mrs Massoud's mother in Egypt had breast cancer at the time.

An expert also told the court that the sample had a "99.53% chance of paternity between the tissue donor and the woman".

Dr Massoud denied in court the evidence from a doctor friend of the couple who saw glass pathology jar with a human tissue while visiting their house.

Judge McCartan said that the way Detective Sergeant Declan Daly and his gardai colleagues prepared, compiled and presented the evidence, was "truly overwhelming".

The Jury convicted the Massouds after three hours' deliberation.

The ultimate issue for the court was to decide whether Mrs Massoud had breast cancer, as she claimed. 

The big insurance fraud expose is truly overwhelming!

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